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Saturday November 2nd 2019



Prominent freestyle vocalist Trinere was born and raised in Miami, Florida, a hotbed for the hybrid post-disco club music she helped popularize with Pretty Tony. She debuted on the Jam Packed label in 1984 with the Pretty Tony-produced “I Know You Love Me,” an underground favorite. Across 1986 and 1987, she achieved and sustained some commercial success with “I’ll Be All You Ever Need,” “How Can We Be Wrong,” and “They’re Playing Our Song,” all of which were Top 15 hits on Billboard’s club chart

A Lighter Shade
Of Brown

Formed in 1990 by One Dope Mexican (Robert Gutierrez) and Don’t Try To Xerox (Bobby Ramirez). They recorded demos and landed a record deal soon after with a small independent label, Quality/Pump records. Their debut album, 1990’s “Brown and Proud,” brought the group Top 40 single in the U.S. with “On A Sunday Afternoon,” peaked at #39 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Trish Toledo

Trish Toledo is a singer-songwriter who’s style can be described as soul / 60s, early 70s era music. She has been likened to folks that listen to artists such as Aretha Franklin, Barbara Mason & Brenton Wood. Inspired by her idols & their success in music, Trish practiced and developed her musical skills through her childhood and got her first studio experience at the age of 18. She has continued to record and release material, currently working on her 4th release.


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